Information Systems in the Corporate World: Part 3— Management Information Systems

The First ERP System?

The evolution of ERP

Growth in Revenue of the top 5 ERP providers in the 90’s [1]

“We blew it in the 1990s. By running applications on the client, client/server was meant to put information at your fingertips. But all we did was to create distributed complexity and fragmented data… Burger King put an SQL Server database in every hamburger store, but they still couldn’t answer the question, “how many Whoppers are we selling each day?” ERP as an industry missed the boat. It focused on automating processes, not on getting information to key decision-makers”

Boeing 787 Manufacturing Plant

ERP Today

ERP Use Cases in Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance (Frank, B. 2020)

ERP in Action

ERP for Aircraft MRO (Pierobon, M. 2019)

To Conclude..




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